Ways to Care for Senior Pets

Keep Them Active

Keeping them as active as possible helps their weight stay down as well as maintains muscle mass. We all can benefit in this practice!

Check Blood Work

Regularly monitoring their bloodwork evaluates kidney and liver function for possible issues.

Bed Change?

Your pet may benefit from changing to an orthopedic bed. Heating pads may also ease sore joints or arthritis. Make sure though they’re thermostatically controlled.

Small Environment Changes

You may need to add carpet where slipping occurs or a ramp to aid in lifting. Extra lighting may avoid a misstep as vision weakens.

Food Adjustments

Make sure your dog food covers senior needs and don’t over feed through meals and treats!

Salty Dog Resources


Volunteer apparel to promote our non-profit senior animal foster-based rescue.

Surrender Form

In the event you are unable to keep your pet we will review your owner surrender form. If we have an available foster who is suited for your dog, we will be able to accept him or her. Please allow 48 hrs for someone to be in touch with you after submitting the form.

Fostering Resources

How to Foster

Join the SDSAR foster family and help give senior dogs a second chance!

Adoption Resources

Why Adopt a Senior Dog

Unsure about adopting a senior dog? Look no further for all the reasons why it's the way to go!

How Hospice Adoption Works

Salty Dogs Senior Animal Rescue Hospice Program is for dogs that arrive with untreatable terminal illness.

Adoption Survival Guide

This guide has everything you need for bringing a new dog into your home!

Other Resources